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Dec 8, 2015

My guest today is…you…and…me.
This episode is all about an amazing new project I’ve created for you. If you don’t want to hear about a new project I have for you, and only what the science on Science Of Ultra - then I’ll be back next week with another amazing Science Of Ultra episode. But, if you want more from me...
Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to have a coach for your ultra training? Is a coach worth the cost? Maybe you have a coach and you wonder how another coach is different. Will a coach really help you to become your best? What are the conversations with a coach like? How exactly does the relationship with a coach work? What sorts of workouts are prescribed? How will I feel following someone else’s prescribed plan every day? How flexible is a coach when life events happen? 
Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the ultimate observer’s experience…to listen to every word between a motivated athlete and a highly qualified coach…to have access to every detail of every workout (even nutrition)…to follow the athletes daily experience…to even be able to ask the athlete questions…the ultimate observer’s experience as if you were there with the athlete for every single step - a completely open book? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Would you like 100% access to follow the journey with an ultra athlete and coach?
That’s exactly what I’m bringing to you now. I’m calling it the Journey to 100. I’ve hired a coach and I’m going to make every aspect of my journey completely open to you, and you can ask me all the questions you like. For the next year, my coach is going to push me towards my first 100 mile race.
This opportunity for you is unprecedented. Never before has there been a completely open, 100% access experience to an ultra athlete’s journey to taking on their first 100 mile race. Nothing like this, with such total access, has ever been done and I’m bringing it to you.
I started Science Of Ultra with a single-minded focus - to connect you with the reliable, valid, and actionable evidence-based knowledge you need to make the most informed choices about your ultra pursuits. I hope that Science Of Ultra is proving to be valuable to you. I absolutely love bringing it to you.
I am now starting a second podcast. The Journey to 100 podcast will be published weekly, just like Science Of Ultra.
However, the Journey to 100 will be focused on giving you what we might call the ‘fly on the wall’ experience. You will be able to listen to my weekly recorded conversations with my coach, you’ll be able to read every workout on the web site, you’ll be able to investigate my nutrition, and you will get my blog posts about my personal experience. In addition, you will be able to ask me questions that I will answer in every podcast episode of Journey to 100. Science Of Ultra will always be exactly what it has been and we have more great science coming in next week’s episode. But, I am using this one episode of Science Of Ultra to let you know about the Journey to 100 because I want you, the loyal Ultra Clan, to be the first to hear about this exciting venture. 
So, how will this work. Well, keep listening to Science Of Ultra episodes every week...
Then join the Journey to 100. While you are on the web site, look at the navigation choices in the top menu. You will find a link to Journey to 100. Click on that menu item link. On the Journey to 100 page, you’ll find all the information you need to join the journey.
Have you ever wondered what the coaching experience is like? Are you interested in what it takes to step up to the 100 mile distance? Maybe you want to become a better 100 mile runner? Maybe you’re just curious. The Journey to 100 is for you! Go to and select Journey to 100 in the menu or go directly to it at
Although Journey to 100 will have it’s own podcast, separate from the Science Of Ultra podcast, I will use the same Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages to post for both. So, if you are already following, great! If not, go to and click on the respective follow icons at the top of the page.
When will you ever get to be completely on the inside of a coaching journey focused on a 100 mile ultra race? This is your chance to experience every aspect. Go to (or use the menu link at the top of the main page) to join your Journey to 100.