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Sep 24, 2015

My guest today is Jason Koop
  • Director of coaching for Carmichael Training Systems
  • He’s training everyone from the most famous in ultra running to people in your neighborhood
  • And…he’s an accomplished ultra runner himself…among many others, his finishing list includes Wasatch, Western States, Leadville, and Badwater.
In this episode we learn about
  1. Jason’s overall framework of prescriptions which emphasizes a progression from least event specific to most specific
  2. The optimal time frame to implement a full program
  3. Intervals to raise VO2max
  4. Setting pace and effort
  5. Total interval time of work for raising VO2max and for improving midrange performance
  6. Three broad phases of training and how much work/effort for workouts in those phases
  7. How many workouts per week?
  8. Factoring terrain (and elevation gain) to the workouts
  9. Does Koop use heart rate monitors?
  10. Detraining of VO2max closer to event with Koop’s approach?
  11. Approaches to choosing the number and spacing of races.
  12. Overtraining; over-fatigued/under-rested 
Plus, Jason gives you four pieces of advice that you can implement TODAY to improve your training and racing!